3D Virtual Heart So Real Doctors' Own Hearts Go Pitter Patter

Click to view London's Heart Hospital didn't like the fact that they couldn't see inside the hearts of patients—not while the patients were still alive and well, that is. So they hired Glassworks, an animation firm that specialized in music videos and TV shows, and asked them to build HeartWorks, the most realistic working 3D rendering of a human heart ever conceived. As you can see in the Reuters (ad-supported) clip above—and in the crazy raw footage after the jump—the doctors who are generally up to their ears in blood are thrilled to have a clearer (and cleaner) way to look deep into someone's heart. I still think it's a little gross, all jiggly like that, but I won't complain one day when I'm wheeled in on a gurney and a 3D rendering saves my life. [Reuters; HeartWorks]


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as an aspiring doctor getting ready for medical school next year.... I officially have a huge boner!