Intel Refreshing Montevina Chips, Adding More Power in Spring

If you're looking into getting a new laptop, you should probably hold off until after the holidays for an extra boost in processing power. According to sources at AppleInsider, Intel's planning a refresh of its Montevina Core 2 Duo processors for Spring 2009. The update will give notebooks two new variants of chips, a P88000 running at 2.66GHz and a T9900 with 3.06GHz. These next Montevina chips will be the last ones Intel produces before it turns to its Core i7 architecture – but that switch-up is at least a year down the line, and who's going to put off laptop buying for that long? [Apple Insider]

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For buying a macbook i would hold off 3 months.

This way I get a more mature product as newbie glitches would be resolved plus the Snow Leopard would be out and then you get it for free, otherwise you pay another 100 bucks.