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NEC Tiles E-Ink Displays Into Massive A3-Size Sheet

Illustration for article titled NEC Tiles E-Ink Displays Into Massive A3-Size Sheet

I've said it before and I'll say it again: e-ink and e-paper displays are getting pretty darn funky...especially when you look at NEC's nifty solution that actually tiles multiple units. In fact, NEC can now tile up to eight microcapsule electrophoresis e-ink displays into one large screen, up to a maximum A3 size (that's 11.7 x 16.5 in inches). Crazily, this huge screen has only a 1mm border to it too. That means if you're prepared to accept a tiny bit of deadspace, you could perhaps tile those into a truly monster screen. There's little more info than a 10:1 contrast ratio—definitely no pricing or timings—but at least it gets our imaginations ticking over. E-ink broadsheet newspapers or wallpaper anyone? [Techon via Engadget]


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e-ink wallpaper. i like it. i'm going to put it on the outside of my house, too. just imagine the possibilities when contrast ratios get better and the colors get more realistic.

i'm imagining and giant Motion W on the front of my house. no more tiny flags to proclaim my fandom.