PlayStation3 Won't Get Holiday Season Price Drop Says Sony

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Sony's basically just confirmed we're unlikely that we'll see a price drop of the PS3 for the holiday season. Speaking at the Gamer 3.0 conference in London, Sony's UK managing director noted that the PS3 is essentially sitting at just the right price point, that there's a market out there for it and the console's price won't "be an issue at all." Sure, he's talking about the pricing in the UK, where sales are "absolutely on target" but it's a pretty reliable indicator that the price this side of the Atlantic isn't going to get a festive lowering either, no matter how tricky the economy gets. [PS3Fanboy]


Breaking it down, a $399 price point makes sense on a PS3:

1) Wireless. A LOT of people have two stories homes with their TV downstairs and their internet upstairs. This is a must.

2) A controller with a rechargeable battery and cable to charge it with. Also a must.

3) Free online play. Had this been a year ago, I'd say $50 a year of Xbox Live is worth it because the competition is not up to par. But...


Not anymore

4) Reliability. Yes the 360 is a much more reliable console...NOW. But there is still that chance of getting a faulty console, which is more of an occurrence than on a PS3. And if you are buying a used console this will become more of an issue.

5) Upgradeable. You can upgrade the HDD with ease and can plug in a keyboard for chatting. There are even some games when you can use a mouse. This is perfect for chatting and web browsing or even some FPS.

6) Operating system. Linux on PS3.


Hellz yeah.

7) Blu ray. 1080p movies. Smiley face.

So granted it costs more than a 360 but you get what you pay for. I see no need to down the price. They are selling well internationally and pretty decent in the US as well. They're not first but if there's a market for a $400 console, why not take advantage of it?