JD Power Ranks the iPhone Highest in Business Wireless Smartphone Satisfaction

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JD Power and Associates have awarded the iPhone the top spot in their annual survey measuring overall customer satisfaction among business wireless smartphone users. On a scale of 1000 (measured by five key factors in order of importance: ease of operation, operating system, physical design, handset features, and battery aspects) Apple's iPhone scored a 778, followed by BlackBerry-maker RIM with a 703 and Samsung with a 701. This is significant for two reasons: JD Power has a reputation for reliable research and the survey focuses on business users—an area traditionally dominated by last year's winner the BlackBerry.

"one-fourth of users report experiencing at least one software-related issue or problem with their current smartphone device. The software-related issues reported most often include the need to reboot the phone, application malfunction/freeze and issues related to touch screen malfunction. Among those owners who have experienced a software problem, 44 percent report having to reboot their device at least once on a weekly basis during the past 12 months, while 34 percent report experiencing either an application malfunction or application freeze at least once per week."


With regard to usage:

•Sixty-nine percent of business smartphone users own a hands-free headset, and 74 percent of those owners use a wireless headset device. Motorola owners report a higher incidence of using wireless headsets (86%), while only 60 percent of Apple iPhone owners report using a wireless headset device. •Among smartphone users, 37 percent would like GPS (global positioning system) capabilities on their device, 25 percent would like Wi-Fi capabilities, 23 percent want touch screen and 15 percent would like to have voice recognition command for automatic dialing. •The average reported purchase price of a smartphone device is $216, compared with an average reported purchase price of $261 in 2007. Apple owners report the highest average purchase price at $337, while Motorola owners report the lowest device pricing at $169. •The top five reasons given for choosing a smartphone brand are: Internet capability (45%), ability to use e-mail account (41%), overall design/style (39%), Bluetooth capabilities (37%) and keyboard style (e.g., QWERTY) (37%). •Thirty-four percent of smartphone owners say they download third-party software. Popular software downloads among business users include games (49%), business applications such as Microsoft Word and Excel (43%) and travel-related programs (36%). The 2008 Business Wireless Smartphone Customer Satisfaction Study is based on responses from 1,388 business wireless customers who currently own a smartphone device. The study was fielded between August and September 2008.

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Believing that the iPhone actually beat out stuff like the high-end Nokias and Blackberries is still sort of a big pill to swallow. As much as I prefer the iPhone's interface over the Nokia and Blackberry phones, those two are way better suited for business folk. I mean, are the pluses THAT good that all of the minuses that make it a sort of sub par business tool sort of a minor niggle?