Catching Up: Surfwise!

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Jason, just to warn you, this post has absolutely nothing to do with gadgets because I am currently bored and disgusted with gadgets: I saw this great movie the other day called Surfwise and it blew me away. It's basically about a Stanford educated doctor who quits the rat race and gets in a camper and surfs all around the continent with his 8 kids. You'd think kids like that, without school, would end up homeless but they all did well and got to surf every day of their youth. My friend Brendan works for the company that produced it, Mekanism, strangely enough the same guys who did the Spore viral creature creator campaign. Here's a NY Times review of the movie. Oh I forgot, if you have netflix streaming, they have it, too! What about you, what have you been watching lately, and on what? Also, here are my favorite links from today. • Homemade Wasp Sucking Machine Creates a Wasp HolocaustHUD Photoshop contest!3M Pico projector reviewWe're putting on an artMega Gadget Gallery in NYC this December!



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