Google Adding Advanced Voice Search to the iPhone

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Google has created an app for the iPhone that will give the handset advanced voice recognition, reports John Markoff from the NY Times. The app can answer location related questions (Finding the nearest Starbucks), give driving directions, respond to generic questions, and even search local data from the address book. It works by recording a soundbite, uploading it to Google's servers, which will crunch the data and return an answer "within seconds on a fast wireless network". Saul compared the function to that offered on Yahoo's, and found Google's to be more accurate, but still return junk results sometimes. AT&T and Microsoft also have handset voice recognition beyond simple dialing that many other phones offer. The app will be free and might be available to download as soon as Friday. [NYT]

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Quote: "reports John Markoff from the NY Times."

I suspect that Markoff is the Anglicized version of Markov and most of the leading speech recognition algorithms are based on "Hidden Markov Models". Spooky, huh?

I wonder if he gets a cut from this (free) app? :-p

I also wonder if it recognizes the words "cut" and "paste"? I'm not sure that even Steve Jobs knows what they mean!