Target's Black Friday Ad Leaked!

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Oh my god, you guys. There's this thing called "Black Friday," and it's some kind of shopping day, right? And everything, everywhere, is cheap! You have to fistfight young mothers to get at the deals, but it's totally worth it. And Target, everyone's favorite friendlier version of Walmart, leaked some deals of their own. They've got an external 750GB USB 2.0 drive from WD for (puzzlingly) $88.88, an 8GB iPod nano with a $15 gift card for $145. Even more highlights after the jump. My picks: - Super Mario Bros. DS package: $150 - Garmin nuvi 200W GPS: $120 - Westinghouse 26" HDTV: $300 - Guitar Hero World Tour (Guitar Kit) for Wii: $60 - and of course, the Hello Kitty Hide 'N Fun Elite Indoor Play Tent is on sale for only $14 (!!!!) [GottaDeal, thanks Carrie!]



Anyone know if that Westinghouse LCD is any good? I'm in the market for a small, inexpensive flatscreen for the bedroom.