Xbox 360 Netflix Streaming Drops Sony's Columbia Pictures

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In what's a slightly suspicious coincidence, but Sony's suddenly pulled a bunch of its movies from the Xbox's Netflix Watch Instantly streaming service just a few hours before Microsoft's New Xbox Experience goes live. Previously available titles like Superbad and Bad Boys, which are owned by Sony Pictures Home Entertainment subsidiary Columbia Pictures, have been made unavailable for Xbox users. Netflix VP Steve Swasey says there's no foul play involved, and that the NXE Instant Queue had just run into a licensing issue with Columbia Pictures. [Joystiq via Engadget]



All this does is prevent me from watching Sony pictures via Netflix/Xbox. It's not like I'm going to react to this by going out and buying a Sony BlueRay player or PS3. Heck, I won't even go out and get a Sony DVD. And it's not that I'm trying to stick-it to Sony. But people just don't react that way. If Toyota stops selling Camerys right before I'm ready to buy, It's not like I'm going to decide on-the-spot to upgrade to a Lexus.

Same thing with this xbox/netflix thing. If I find myself suddenly unable to get a Sony movie from Netflix streaming, it's not like my next reaction is going to be "well, I better go out and buy it on DVD/BD."

What a petty move. Desperation is so obvious.