Peek Handheld Can Now View Images, Text Unlimitedly

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The Peek handheld, recently named the Time's best gadget of 2008, has now gotten even better with two added features. While we knew unlimited text messaging was already coming to the device, it's a pleasant surprise to find out it can now view images too. Peek will show .JPG, .GIF, .PNG and .BMP file formats when you click the “View Image” option. Considering its price drop to $80, this little gadget's becoming a better deal day by day. [JKontherun]


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Peek could already open Jpeg attachments since it launched. What they added in this update was GIF, BMP, and PNG support. Who the hell sends non-Jpeg images in an email, anyway?

Unlimited texting is a pretty cool addition though, especially at no extra cost, I'm not sure how they snuck that one past T-Mobile.