Employees Not Getting Paid for Boot-Up Times, Sue Their Employers

For office drones at big companies such as AT&T, United Health Group and Cigna, booting up their computers at the start of the day and waiting for them to shut down takes some decent time. Like 20 minutes at the start and end of the day. And they sure don't like the fact that their weasely employers have decided to not pay them for that time. So, of course, they're suing. All three of the above companies have been hit with lawsuits dealing with the issue, and lawyers who tackle it are making a decent buck off of it. One the one hand, the companies claim that people aren't working while their computers boot, instead chatting with coworkers or having a coffee. On the other hand, if you have to be in a cubicle, you're working, and it's not the employees fault that their crap computers take so long to get revved up. But hey, this is America, so we'll leave it for the courts to decide. [TaxProf Blog via The Inquirer]

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Wait.. hold on a sec..

20min to start up and 20min to shut down?? What POS computers are these people using?