Catching Up: Goodbye PC Magazine

Hey Brian, Did you hear that PC Magazine is ending its magazine edition and focusing solely on the online space? Sad to hear. I was one of those kids that grew up having a subscription to PC Mag in the house, every month reading what crazy uncle Dvorak (plus those other dudes) had to say about something or other. SCSI. And Windows. Stuff like that. Although I haven't had a sub to them in years, it's always sad to see an end to something you used to enjoy. Supposedly EGM might be getting the cut as well, but that's a decision for next year.In other news, how are you enjoying the LA Auto Show with Jalopnik? Is it all hybrid-this and electric-that? That's what I'm seeing based on Jalop's coverage. Good times. I wonder if the car show crowd is more or less smelly than the consumer electronics crowd. Here are some of the posts I liked today: • Our Dell Inspiron Mini 12 ReviewThis Media Center touch control thingOur Mobile web browser Battlemodo (spoiler alert, they're all poopy)


They are slowly taking away all of my toilet entertainment!!