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Nikon D3x 24MP DSLR Rumors Solidify Around Dec. 1

Illustration for article titled Nikon D3x 24MP DSLR Rumors Solidify Around Dec. 1

The trail of evidence pointing to a D3x unveiling by Nikon next month has gotten pretty solid in the last few weeks. Nikon Rumors rounds it all up, and it's fairly convincing forensic scene. Update: The D3x is on Nikon's site! Besides the firmware for the long-rumored 24-megapixel full-frame DSLR popping up way back in April, Nikon's scheduled several worldwide events for Dec. 1, a bunch of accessories makers have had products "designed" for a D3x, and topping the list, the D3 itself has gotten cheap, coming down to about $4200. Plus, some retailers are saying couldn't place D3 orders anymore. Or maybe this is all crap and Nikon is just going to reveal they've replaced Rudolph's nose with a 24MP camera for live Santa vision. [Nikon Rumors]


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OK, if your number one concern is "best image quality"—and, frankly, why should your number one concern be anything else?—here's how it is likely to break down:

Ultra-Clean High ISO Images:

D3 and D700 (both full-frame 12MP)

Clean High ISO Images:

D300 (smaller sensor 12MP) and D3X (full-frame 24MP)

All other considerations are, to my mind, secondary.