Amazon HD Streaming Spotted on TiVo

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Are you a big Amazon Unbox fan who has been insanely jealous over Netflix HD streaming? Don't break that remote in passionate rage just yet.


One TiVo user spotted this "Available in High Definition" option in their Amazon Video on Demand menu system. Clicking on the option did nothing, but it's probably pretty safe to assume that TiVo didn't add the choice for aesthetic reasons alone—though the company does enjoy their endless word list UI so maybe we're reading to much into it after all. [Twitter via Engadget]


I really want to love my TiVo HD, but after almost a year I'm still having a really hard time getting into it. The UI and the various quirks here and there end up frustrating me at least once a day.

It's to the point that I don't explore beyond the "Playing Now" and live TV guides, but if Amazon and TiVo can get a good HD streaming service on the box, it'll go a long way in alleviating my frustrations.