Browse the PopSci and PopMech Archives On Google Books' New Magazine Search

Illustration for article titled Browse the emPopSci/em and emPopMech/em Archives On Google Books New Magazine Search

Google has added the complete archives of several magazines, including Popular Science (est. 1872) and Popular Mechanics (est. 1905), to its books search—complete with advertisements and illustrations. It's awesome.


There really is nothing quite like geeking out on the past's vision of the future, and PopSci and PopMech are among the best for that, from the fantastic covers to the equally fantastic cigarette ads. Google's growing magazine collection also features New York Magazine, Ebony, the Bulletin of Atomic Sciences and more. Each page has its own URL, so it's a blogger's paradise. Say goodbye to doing work for the rest of the afternoon. [Official Google Blog]

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I believe that eventually Google Books will become the Jedi Library.