Japan: Robot Nation Premiers Tomorrow Night

A while back we told you about a documentary named Japan: Robot Nation that would be on Current TV. Here's another clip from the show. And by the way, it premiers tomorrow night.

Your listing for Current TV, since we didn't think that we got the channel either:

Comcast Nationwide 107
Dish Network 196
Time Warner Nationwide – check local listings
AT&T U-verse 189


Robot Nation host and journalist, Adam Yamaguchi, talked to eight different Japanese robot researchers/companies about the explosion of robots predicted in Japan over the next few decades—including Honda about their robot superstar Asimo, as we see in this clip.

"Honda's probably the first company with the wide-enough reach to get [a Robot] inside every home, and they're thinking 10 years," Yamaguchi told us. "But smaller companies are bringing products to market now."


We'll be checking it out for sure.

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....so robots kinda suck now... at least honda is going to work on it work for a while. Screw all this roomba crap.

Roomba is about as effective as putting some dust cloths on a cat paws and letting it run around.