Thanks For Attending Funde Razor SF!

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Thanks to the readers and their friends who made it out last night to our Funde Razor in SF. Thanks to you all, we raised a fantastic $2360 for Child's Play!

The guys over at Boing Boing Gadgets and Kotaku had even bigger takes in their respective cities. So awesome. And hopefully those of you who did stop by made off with some cool items as well.

Rock Band was played. Drinks were imbibed. Pictures were taken. Plow through the gallery below to see photographic evidence of the good times had by all.


And thanks a lot to all our sponsors, including (but not limited to) Chumby, Lego, Microsoft, Vudu, LEGO, Gama-Go and Harmonix. Hope to see even more of you out there next year!

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Woot! And a great time was had by all!

That's me rockin' the bass in the blue jacket. Livin' on a Prayer never sounded so good.

Thank you for putting on a great party, and thank everyone that came for helping the children.