Catching Up: It's Cold

Hey Brian, yeah the Funde Razor was lots of fun, and I'm glad Chris from Wired was there to help out. I'm looking forward to the Gizmodo Snow Bunny Meetup in 2009 too, and all the broken bones that'll result in. And speaking of cold, it is COLD now. Winter managed to stay away until recently, but it's full on December weather now.

If you didn't see the photos from Funde Razor, here they are.


Also, we've just got a new front page layout yesterday. I gave a rundown here. I think it's good since it keeps a lot of our posts on the front for longer, so people can get to it quicker without having to page over. Like all rollouts, there will be some bugs, but that'll be fixed soon.

Here are some of the posts I liked from the past day or so.

Cheap TV Battlemodo shows me which set I should buy for the boudoir
Mark's guide to PlayStation Home, which I'm still having a hard time logging into or finding people to chat with on
Strider's ridiculous Xmas tree. I'm glad it has a lot of Star Trek toys, and isn't just Star Wars stuff
NSFW apps are coming back to the iPhone App Store
I review this aluminum mousepad, which I think is great
Wilson reviews this iRex ebook reader



PS Brian, I love you.