Last Minute Gadget Gift Deals

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Today is my birthday. Buy me shit from this list of hot last minute deals-no Hobomodo!

Computing Peripherals:
KDS 19'' Widescreen LCD Monitor for $99.90 (normally $144).
AOC 19'' Widescreen LCD Monitor for $109.99 (normally $179.99).
Cavalry 1TB USB2.0 External Hard Drive for $99.99 plus free shipping (normally $144.99 - use this rebate form. Valid until 12/19).

Fujifilm Finepix Digital Camera and Bonus Bundle for $99.84 (normally $129.99).
Panasonic 8MP Digital Camera for $95.96 plus free shipping (normally $129.95).
Canon PowerShot 8mp Digital Camera for $89.99 (normally $149.99).


Home Entertainment:
Philips iPod Docking System with FM Tuner for $39.99 plus free shipping (normally $59.99).
Sharper Image Touch Panel Universal Remote for $7.97 (normally $19.99).

Arrested Development - The Complete Series for $28.99 plus free shipping (normally $109.94).
Stargate on Blu-ray for $9.99 (normally $19.99).
The Punisher on Blu-ray for $9.99 (normally $19.99).
Weeds Complete First Season on Blu-ray for $13.99 (normally $29.99).
Weeds Complete Second Season on Blu-ray for $13.99 (normally $29.99).
Weeds Complete Third Season on Blu-ray for $18.99 (normally $39.97).


Stocking Stuffers:
Caribiner iPod Nano Case for $0.99 (normally $14.99).
iPhone 3G Car Charger for $3.99 plus free shipping (normally $19.99 - use coupon code "iphone3cc").
Motorola RAZR H3 Bluetooth Headset for $14.99 plus free shipping (normally $23.99).
SanDisk 8GB Cruzer USB2.0 Flash Drive for $17.99 plus free shipping (normally $22.99).
Mad Catz Beat Pad Controller for the Wii for $7.99 (normally $29.99).

2009 Time Warner Cable Calendar for $0.
2009 Desk Calendar for $0.
Soul Food Cookbook from the American Heart Association for $0.
Parelli horse DVD for $0.


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Mateusz Romek Traczyk

Sorry for being negative but this is by far the worse Dealzmodo to date. I love these articles informing everyone on jaw-dropping deals on electronics, but the case being is that; most of the items here have a tendency of breaking frequently and soon after purchase (Ex.The Cavalry 1TB External Hard Drive; has many reviewers speak of the drive failing soon after arrival).

So even though these deals might seem like great impulse purchases, in the long run you will lose money from having to purchase another a replacement for the electronic that has failed, that and/or you will have to deal with customer service, internet store policies and irritating over-the-phone tech help employees. Bottom line, IMHO stay away from most of the stuff in this article.