Energizer Solar Recharger Will Juice Up Your Batteries, USB Gadgets

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Energizer's Solar Recharger looks, at first glance, like a confused device. Is it an iPod battery extender? AA charger? Solar adapter? Well, it's all of these things, which is why it's awesome.

The heart of the gadget is a simple battery charger, intended for regular rechargeable AA and AAA batteries and primarily powered by an AC jack and assisted by a flip-out solar panel. A USB port is capable of providing power to a connected gadget, which allows the Solar Charger to also act as a sort of extended battery for virtually any USB-powered device, iPods included.

By choosing cheap semi-disposable rechargeable batteries as the guts of the device, Energizer will reportedly be able to keep the price down at a reasonable $50, 2 AAs included. Considering additional features like weatherproofing and a rotating solar panel, the Solar Charger could turn out to be a cheap, viable alternative to the endless droves of device-specific battery extenders and pricey solar chargers that are floating around for the time being. The official announcement is expected at CES 2009. [GoodCleanTech via CleanTechnica]

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Stacky Botrus

This is so stupid. Why would you use the power of the sun to assist in recharging batteries? Just plug it into ANY wall outlet that might be in or around (or someone elses) home.

I bet residents of Alaska are buying these RIGHT up.