Leaked OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard Screenshot Shows 32-bit Mode

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Sevenmac Magazin got themselves some screenshots of Apple's new OS X update, Snow Leopard, and it looks like apps with 32-bit modules will need to run in 32-bit mode even if they are 64-bit.


We know that Snow Leopard isn't going to be any kind of massive overhaul, but more of a refinement of the existing OS. It's aiming for stability, speed, and power management.


All the other screenshots that Sevenmac have just look to be proving that they actually have a working version of Snow Leopard. This one, though, is definitely weird. You have to restart the preference app in 32-bit mode in order to access the Network preference pane? Is it because this developer version only has the 32-bit version of the Network PP done? Is that going to be a recurring issue, that 64-bit apps that have to somehow work with 32-bit code needs to start/restart in compatibility mode? It would be super annoying if the OS doesn't handle it transparently, so this has us scratching our heads.

It is, though, probably a side-effect of Snow Leopard's tighter 64-bit compatibility. For more on that, and why 64-bit is going to make 10.6 cool, head over here to Giz Explains.

Sevenmac has a bunch of other pictures over here. [Sevenmac]


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I'm really looking forward to this!

And like so many others I think it is kinda ballsy to make an update that doesn't include some major (visible) new feature.

There was one screenshot that documented a function that will come in handy:

Assigning an app to a space from the dock.

Sevenmac probably didn't like so many Gizmodians storming their servers, but imagine how many hits they got, all of a sudden.

And FYI; there is not much more info in the text besides what the screenshots tell.