Vizio VF551XVT: 55-Inch LED-Backlit LCD With 240Hz for $2000

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LED backlighting in LCDs is the new 1080p—what everyone wants, but usually too damn expensive for the average person. Vizio's VF551XVT is 55 inches of LED-backlit glory with 240Hz for $2000.

By comparison, Samsung's 57-inch LED set fetches about $4000. Supposedly, the LED backlighting gives the VF551XVT a dynamic contrast ratio of 1,000,000:1. It was noticeably contrastier than its current CCFL-backlit VF550XVT, with darker, more detailed blacks. The gaudy gold and red bar thankfully might not make it to the final.


Vizio's other new XVT sets—47-inch SV471XVT and 42-inch SV421XVT—don't pack LED backlighting, but do have 240Hz, and are $1400 and $1100, respectively. And all three have an integrated soundbar with SRS TruSurround HD. We'll see all of them this summer.

For Immediate Release

VIZIO Expands Flagship XVT Series of HDTVs

-New arsenal includes 240Hz models from 42" thru 55", a 55" LED

HDTV and Slim 120Hz 32" and 37" LCD HDTVs

-New 55" 240Hz is VIZIO's First LED LCD HDTV featuring 1,000,000:1 Mega

Dynamic Contrast for exceptional contrast along with 240Hz Refresh Rate with

Scanning Backlight and VIZIO Smooth Motion II™ technology

- NEW 42" and 47" models feature 240Hz Refresh Rate with Scanning Backlight

and VIZIO Smooth Motion II™ technology to deliver the most incredibly smooth

picture and rich detail

- All new models include NEW VIZIO Multi-Media feature with USB input

compatible to play MPEG-2, H.264 & WMV9 Video, JPEG Photos and MP3 Music

from Thumb Drive or FAT32 Hard Drive, they also come with 1080P content

loaded onto a 1GB USB Drive so you can enjoy 1080P video right out of the box!

-NEW Ultra Slim (2.5" depth) 32" & 37" 120Hz models provide exceptional picture

and sound performance with 50,000:1 Mega Dynamic Contrast Ratio, and SRS

TruVolume and TruSurround HD

Las Vegas, NV (CES 2009) and Irvine, CA — January 7, 2009 — VIZIO, America's

HDTV and Consumer Electronics Company, unveils several new models to the XVT

Series expanding the performance line with five NEW models. The most dramatic

technology introduction is the use of LED panels featuring 240Hz with Scanning

Backlight and VIZIO's Smooth Motion II™ technology in their largest model the 55"

VF551XVT. LED backlight technology provides better picture quality with 1,000,000:1

Mega Dynamic Contrast with local dimming. LED also provides faster response times

and higher color saturation so you achieve a better picture. It is also environmentally

responsible because it is mercury free. The VIZIO VF551XVT also has 5 HDMI Inputs

and a speaker bar designed into the TV so you achieve more robust full body sound

from a flat panel TV with SRS TruSurround HD®, and TruVolume®.

They are also expanding their collection of 42" and 47" XVTs to include 240Hz with

scanning backlight using VIZIO's Smooth Motion II™ technology and Mega Dynamic

Contrast ratio of 50,000:1. The 42" SV421XVT and 47" SV471XVT are capable of

outstanding realism and are close to eliminating motion blur–once and for all. All new

XVT models integrate the latest SRS sound technologies like SRS TruSurround HD ®,

and SRS TruVolume®, for a complete all-in-one home theater solution.

"VIZIO is committed to providing the absolute latest advanced technologies to

consumers at a value. Consumers expect great performance and style from VIZIO" says

Laynie Newsome, VIZIO Co-Founder and VP Sales and Marketing Communications.

"You will see this demonstrated in the many new products we are introducing at CES,

our prestigious XVT Series exemplifies what we believe is the BEST performing leading

edge HDTV technology for consumers."

The Best in Video Performance

Launching two compelling new technologies, the expanded XVT Series offers more

advanced features than any previous VIZIO product line with a complete line of Full HD

1080p performance coupled with both 120Hz and 240Hz with Scanning Backlight.

Using advanced LED backlight control local dimming, the VF551XVT is capable of

delivering the brightest highlights and the deepest blacks. Coupled with VIZIO's Mega

Dynamic Contrast Ratio™ these sets can provide a contrast ratio that rivals the

performance of the best plasma displays. The use of local dimming to increase overall

contrast ratio and picture quality, especially in brightly lit rooms, allows these LED

models to exhibit deep, three-dimensional-like images.

VIZIO's Smooth Motion II™ technology steps up the game with 240Hz Refresh Rate in

the SV421XVT and SV471XVT for unbelievably flawless video — frame after frame by

eliminating motion blur from fast-action movie sequences.

Every LED and LCD model in the series is outfitted with the Advanced Glare Polarizer

(AGP) and Enhanced In-Plane Switching (IPS). AGP provides up to 60% better contrast

ratio in bright room environments. Earlier Anti-Glare screens tended to create an overall

haze on the TV image; however, VIZIO's solution counteracts the effects of ambient

light, while keeping images bright and crystal clear. By reducing the reflections that are

produced by ambient light, the overall picture contrast can be preserved. IPS produces

truer colors at wider viewing angles ensuring vivid and clear pictures even when sitting


VIZIO's advanced HD/SD noise reduction removes noise and artifacts caused by signal

compression from cable and satellite providers. Each model is outfitted with multiple

HDMI inputs for maximum connectivity with DVD/Blu-ray players, digital cable and

satellite set-top boxes, gaming consoles, and HD camcorders. All XVT series sets have

a Game Port on the side of the set with inputs (including HDMI) for fast, easy

connection of other devices.

Sound Advancements

VIZIO's XVT Series is not just about superior video features and technologies. Every

model is equipped with audio enhancement technologies from SRS Labs to ensure the

best possible audio performance from built-in speakers. The 55" VF551XVT and

VF550XVT1A take audio performance to a new level with the integration of a Sound Bar

that delivers 30W of power (15W x2-speakers), enhanced by SRS TruSurround HD™

and TruVolume HD™. All the other new XVT models (SV320XVT, SV370XVT,

SV422XVT, SV472XVT) also take advantage of SRS TruSurround and TruVolume.

SRS TruSurround HD™ makes it possible to enjoy realistic surround sound without

running cables or adding additional speakers. Providing a suite of processes,

TruSurround HD uses the improved SRS TruBass™ to optimize the low frequency

performance of the VIZIO Sound Bar for cleaner bass tones. SRS Dialog Enhancement

ensures crisp and intelligible vocals, while Definition Control delivers maximum high-

frequency realism and clarity.

SRS' latest innovation, TruVolume HD™ allows customers to set their volume level at a

pre-defined position. Regardless of the content, be it a quiet movie passage or a loud

commercial, there are no annoying volume fluctuations. SRS uses Intelligent Multi-band

Monitoring and Analysis to establish a consistent volume while delivering a more natural

listening experience. There is no pumping, breathing, or clipping artifacts that is

commonly associated with traditional Automatic Gain Controls (AGCs). The circuit

works flawlessly with mono, stereo and even multi-channel sources.

Thoughtfully Earth-friendly

VIZIO is committed to making more eco-friendly products and designs. To that end, the

VX551VXT use LED panels rather than CCFL panels. LED panels do not use mercury,

and are highly efficient requiring significantly less power.

Also being introduced in these same models is Dynamic Power Control (DCP), which

lowers power consumption by up to 15% more than Energy Star 3.0 requirements

without sacrificing picture quality. DCP analyzes image data to optimize the amount of

backlight produced, minimizing image distortion. According to CNET tests, TVs that

meet Energy Star 3.0 requirements can save up to $100 a year, so it is possible to save

even more using VIZIO's latest products with DCP.

VIZIO guarantees zero bright pixel defects for the duration of the limited one-year

warranty on all their products. Additionally, they provide free one-year on-site service

and lifetime technical support.

XVT Models and Features

Model: SV320XVT *NEW*

Size: 32" 120Hz FULL HD 1080P LCD HDTV

Contrast: Mega Dynamic 50,000:1

Refresh Rate: 120 Hz

HDMI inputs: 3

Audio Enhancements: SRS TruSurround HD & TruVolume

Availability: Fall 2009

Price: $749.99

Model: SV370XVT *NEW*

Size: 37" 120Hz FULL HD 1080P LCD HDTV

Contrast: Mega Dynamic 50,000:1

Refresh Rate: 120 Hz

HDMI inputs: 3

Audio Enhancements: SRS TruSurround HD & TruVolume

Availability: Fall 2009

Price: $999.99

Model: SV421XVT *NEW*

Size: 42" LCD

Contrast: Mega Dynamic 50,000:1

Refresh Rate: 240 Hz

HDMI inputs: 4

Game Port: Yes

Audio Enhancements: SRS TruSurround HD & TruVolume

Availability: Summer 2009

Price: $1099.99

Model: SV471XVT *NEW*

Size: 47" LCD

Contrast: Mega Dynamic 50,000:1

Refresh Rate: 240 Hz

HDMI inputs: 4

Game Port: Yes

Audio Enhancements: SRS TruSurround HD & TruVolume

Availability: Summer 2009

Price: $1399.99

Model: VF551XVT1A *NEW*

Size: 55" LED

Contrast: 1,000,000:1 Mega Dynamic Contrast Ratio

Refresh Rate: 120 Hz

HDMI inputs: 5

Game Port: Yes

Audio Enhancements: Integrated Sound Bar, SRS TruSurround HD & TruVolume

Availability: Summer 2009

Price: $1999.99

The new models can be seen at VIZIO's private presentations at the WYNN Hotel's La

Tache Ballroms during the International CES in Las Vegas from January 7-10, 2009.


VIZIO, Inc. "Where Vision Meets Value," headquartered in Irvine, California, is

America's HDTV Company. In 2007, VIZIO skyrocketed to the top by becoming the #1

selling brand of flat panel HDTVs in North America and became the first American

brand in over a decade to lead major categories in U.S. TV sales. VIZIO is committed to

bringing feature-rich flat panel televisions to market at a value through practical

innovation. VIZIO offers a broad range of award winning Plasma and LCD HDTVs

including the new XVT series. VIZIO's products are found at Costco Wholesale, Sam's

Club, Sears, Walmart, Target, BJ's Wholesale, and other retailers nationwide along with

authorized online partners. VIZIO has won numerous awards including a #1 ranking in

the Inc. 500 for Top Companies in Computers and Electronics, Good Housekeeping's

Best Big-Screens, CNET's Top 10 Holiday Gifts, PC World's Best Buy among others.

For more information, please call 888-VIZIOCE or visit on the web at

The V, VIZIO, Where Vision Meets Value names, phrase and symbols are trademarks

or registered trademarks of VIZIO, Inc. All other trademarks may be the property of their

respective holders.

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