Crazy Polaroid Zealots Making Film Themselves

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They call themselves the Impossible Project (Oh, what a name), and they want to give you a chance to purchase Polaroid instant integral film at a reasonable price next year.


The Impossible folks say they're not aiming to simply replicate the Polaroid instant film of old: no, they are seeking new techniques and new materials to create the instafilm pack of tomorrow. If I were them, I'd go for keeping it simple, but according to their website, some "essential components" of the packs are "not available any more." I can't imagine they're having to circumvent any patents, because I would imagine that is something Polaroid would be more than happy to license.

Team Impossible has at least secured a 10 year lease on one of two remaining 'roid factories (the other is in Mexico), so it seems like they're serious. Sure you could question the validity of it all, but when it comes down to it, I'd love to have something to put back in my beautiful folding SX-70 someday. [Impossible Project]


How do they get the money to do this? Is Bill Gates secretly funding this as a goof? Not that it isn't a cool idea or anything, but for the same money, they could hire a team of Sherpas, equip them with digital cameras, deploy them to situations in which a polaroid might otherwise be used, and have them snap pics and make prints. Even with a simple point and shoot, the pictures would be every bit as good, and Sherpas are every bit as fun as polaroids.