Apple Mysteriously Pulls Nvidia Update, Mysteriously

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Apple has pulled the Nvidia update it released on Monday from Software Update and its website without explanation.

In our case, it simply didn't fix the MiniDisplay Port to Dual-Link DVI distortion problems, but according to Apple's forums, it opened up a whole new bag of hurt for some people:


I downloaded the update today and regret that I did. The problem for me is now worse. I cannot use my external samsung 22inch monitor on extended desktop mode, only mirror mode, and that is not helpful to me. In extended mode it goes black for extended times, flicking on occasionally to remind me that its there still.

If you already installed in the update, has it borked out on you? [AppleInsider]

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I have to ask, is this affecting the Macbooks with Displayport only, or are the recently-updated white Macbooks affected as well?