Our Favorite Kotaku Posts of the Week

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What's going on this week over in game land? Final Fantasy XIII, that's what! A new video finally hit for the game that won't be released here until 2010.


You can see the trailer here. Here are a few more interesting stories:

Pat Benatar's coming to Rock Band!
DJ Hero is coming. Get ready to be one more step removed from actually creating music.
Ashcraft eats food while giving none to his baby

Wanna see Nintendo's sales numbers? They sold a total 14 million Wii Fits in its lifespan. Holy shit.
Check out these Batman: Arkham Asylum screenshots
Megan Fox plays Guitar Hero

Berkeley has a class for StarCraft. This would be interesting, except it's a DeCal class, which is a student-taught class, and I also took two classes focused on MMORPGs when I went there. Not all that new or special. Also, my instructor is now a Fragdoll.
Tomb Raider, the movie series, is getting a reboot
Kill zombies in a new Dead Rising sequel!


Here are some screenshots of the cancelled Batman game. There's no Batman in it.
Kate Winslet likes playing Wii Sports Boxing with her son. I would probably enjoy watching Kate Winslet play Wii Sports Boxing.
Sims 3 is getting delayed




I didn't know who the girl playing Guitar Hero was until someone mentioned she was the girl in the Transformers movie.

I feel bad that she has to live with that, for the rest of her life, but then again she's got boobs and Guitar Hero skills to help her through the worst of the pain and humiliation.