Is This How Car Makers Think We Talk?

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Hughes Telematics stopped by to show us and our buddies at Jalopnik the in-car connected tech they're pitching to OEMs, which was actually pretty great. But it did include this perfect piece of generational misunderstanding.


Yes, this car will text your colleagues "b 15 m l8" next time you're running late.

Like Ford's Sync service, you can use Hughes' in-car tech platform, which is being pitched to car manufacturers on an OEM basis for inclusion in future vehicles, to do a lot of things with your voice, including respond to text messages (but only with canned SMS presets that are activated by spoken keywords). You can choose to respond in plain English, or with translations using a custom dictionary (here, apparently, set to illiterate 'tween). It can also translate any internet-isms it may find while it reads you your exchange email or calendars, too.

Hughes's demo vehicle was packed full of lots of other cool stuff, including an on-board 3G connection (with compatibility for WiMax down the road) that can be fed out via wi-fi to turn your car into a roaming hotspot. The only auto maker offering something like that right now is Chrysler with their UConnect service (not done by Hughes), but it's something we'd love to see more of.

Hughes is bringing some of its voice-activated telematics to Mercedes vehicles later this year (not including the mobile hotspot tech, sadly), but their demo jeep we saw today is a good example of what might come. [Hughes Telematics]


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