9 Year Old Writes iPhone Application

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So, is the age of 10 becoming the new benchmark for career success? We already have an 8-year old Microsoft Certified Professional and now we can add a 9-year old iPhone developer to the list.


The 9-year old I am speaking of is Lim Ding Wen from Singapore, and the app he developed is called Doodle Kids. Designed with his artistic younger sisters (aged 3 and 5) in mind, the app allows users to draw shapes in random colors and then clear their work with a shake of the phone. Since its launch two weeks ago, the freebie app has attracted over 4000 downloaders.


Apparently, Lim is fluent in six programming languages and started using the computer at the age of two. Since then, he has completed over 20 programming projects. Currently, he is in the process of developing a game called Invader Wars, which he hopes to launch on the App Store in the near future. His father, who also writes iPhone applications, claims that they check their statistics every night in a friendly father/son competition.

Man, this makes the "Clean Desk Award" I earned in 3rd grade seem like total crap. [Reuters via Digg]

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You think that is impressive? I once saw a kid solve a puzzle a friend of mine from MIT developed in 1 second! Also, he foiled me with green VO5 shampoo. Genius!