Sony: PS3 to Get 45-Nanometer Chips Around June

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According to David Reeves, president of Sony Computer Entertaintment Europe, the PS3 could get a 45-nanometer Cell chip in a few months. From an interview with The Guardian:

We're always looking at ways to reduce costs [in the PS3], replacing the current 65 nanometre Cell chip with a 45 nanometre one probably in middle of year.

So why should you care? Well, the chips should run cooler and at a lower wattage. But more importantly, shrinking the processor to something cheaper to build is absolutely essential if we're ever to see a cheaper PS3.

What we're a little confused about is why it's taking Sony so long to make this switch. Because, according to reports, IBM has long figured out how to make a 45nm Cell. So is Sony sitting on a pile of 65nm chips that haven't sold since last year? [The Guardian via Engadget]

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PS3 is a total bust until they start coming out with awesome games. My 360 does everything i need for now. also the free online is a joke, id much rather pay a little bit and get no lag as apposed to free and laggy.

If anyone has ideas why i should buy one id like to hear them as i don't want to miss anything worth buying it for.