103-Inch Panasonic TV Morphs Into a Giant, Multitouch Table Hockey Game

Making use of a 103-inch Panasonic Plasma and a multitouch-capable overlay from U-Touch, British software developers UI Centric put together this awesome-looking table hockey demo that puts all other 103-inch, touch-based table games to shame.

UI Centric created the game as a demo for the 2009 Integrated Systems Europe show in Amsterdam, which is for A/V and electronic systems integration, presumably for homes, blah blah blah. And I wish there was more to say on the matter, but aside from professing my love for virtual table hockey games, that's about the extent of it. (Note to Microsoft: I'd like to see a 103-inch Surface at CES next year. 150-inch is cool too, thx.) [UI Centric via YouTube]

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the framerate looks god awful at higher speeds