Philips Master LED Bulb: Enlightened When On or Off

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This July, Philips will release an LED bulb that's ready for mainstream consumption, the Master LED.


Fitting in a standard bulb socket, the mercury-free Master LED bulb sips just 7W while burning up to 45,000 hours, or about 30x the length of a normal bulb. It's actually already available in parts of Europe (we can't spot a price, anyone out there know? UPDATE: About $50-$70), but with the proper retail availability, I could see an LED light with this form factor exciting the mainstream US public, couldn't you?

Philips also has a few other models coming that you can check out at the link. [Philips via Core77]


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I know this may be a stupid question for some, but can we get information on the brightness these lights produce. CFL's are crap when it comes to lighting up even a small room. Sure, you're supposedly saving moving from the lesser wattage used. However, what's the point if you're having to use 4 or 6 lamps to give off the same amount of light a halogen bulb does.

Also, light bulb hours should only matter in DLP televisions. If you can't afford a $3 bulb once every 6 to 12 months, you shouldn't be living on your own paying rent or a mortgage