Have a Social Tech Problem? Ask Adam!

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Have trouble balancing your social life with your internet obsession? Trying to use gadgets to woo someone? Want to con your boss into buying you a laptop? Curious about Mark Wilson's personal life? Ask me.

Hello, I'm Gizmodo's Adam Frucci, and I want to help you. If you have any social technology questions, I'll deliver you an expert answer that you can count on.*

Send in any questions at all to me at adam@gizmodo.com. I'll answer them on Sunday. Send in any question you'd like and I'll take a stab at them. I can't guarantee I'll answer every single question, but I'll do my best. If you have super-techie questions, however, they may be better suited for Matt and Giz Explains.


But hey, try me. I'm here for you, after all.

*Adam Frucci is not a certified expert.

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It occurs to me that Gawker doesn't treat its employees very well. They apparently dump your week's earnings on the floor for you to collect, but require that you look ecstatic or they take it away.