Oh God, the Digital Photo Frames Are Taking Over

Illustration for article titled Oh God, the Digital Photo Frames Are Taking Over

For the love of Jeebus, why are there "digital photo frames" (read: LCD panels) embedded into a pencil cup?! Perhaps it's because they've gained consciousness and want to rule the world.


As though that glowing monstrosity sitting on your desk wasn't enough already, this tool of Satan gives you a 1.5-inch, 128x128 screen that can display an entire megabyte (!!!) worth of photos. What next? Digital photo frames on my speakers?! On my phone?! On my digital photo frame?! But if this is your thing, by all means shell out another $23 and support the digi-frame invasion.

And laugh if you want, but when you're running down a dark alley shouting "PILLS HERE," you'll regret not taking me seriously. [Memory Cup via Coolest Gadgets]


what are those stick things inside that gadget? anyone