Urban McHugly Is My New Best Friend

Illustration for article titled Urban McHugly Is My New Best Friend

I was just thinking, "I want a friend who has a touchscreen belly with LED Swarovski eyes that light up when someone calls, and loves me unconditionally." Lo and behold, there was Urban McHughly.

He's coming soon, and is powered by your iPhone in his chest, like Tony Stark's heart. And I'm pretty sure we will be super best friends forever and ever, especially after I teach him how to play Street Fighter IV, but not with Ryu or Ken, because those people suck and don't have hands you can wipe your iPhone's screen off with. [Urban Tool via Chip Chick]

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JrsyDevil's Advocate®

Someone tell that dude he's got some dirt on his forehead and chin.

And who the hell was smoking what when they thought, "Hey, I'd love to shove my iphone up a Teletubbies ass!"