Taser Axon: Cops Goes FPS

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The Axon is a bit of a shocker from Taser. It's not a "taser" in a traditional sense, but a POV camera cleverly squeezed into a Bluetooth-sized headset.


Connecting via 3.5mm jack existing radio systems (like walkie talkies), the video signal appears to piggyback on existing transmissions, allowing remote monitoring and recording of what a police officer sees from their perspective. Shooting color and lowlight IR modes, the system is being pitched as a means to provide accurate footage in cases where a police officer is questioned in court.

Still, we can't help but consider the Axon possibly the first practical camera to record our whole lives, with most people assuming that you were merely donning a Bluetooth mic through the day. [Axon via Engadget]



Cool, I hope everyone gets one. Now we will be able to tell what men are really looking at when they talk to us!