Invisibility Shirt Is Camo by Photoshop

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Generally, there's nothing that makes me laugh harder than an "I didn't see you there" joke to a guy dressed in camouflage at the mall. But here's one better.

Simply named Invisible, this erased torso pattern is available on a short sleeve or long sleeve tee. But before you get too cocky and attempt an infiltration of the girl's locker room, remember, females have excellent eyesight and can spot those little grey boxes a mile away.

And another word of warning: semi-transparency is not immune to knife attacks or gunfire.


With these caveats in mind, Invisible can be yours for $24. Use the power responsibly. [redbubble via FashionablyGeek]

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I can't ware this. With that much erased from the front, my breast would pop out.