Roll-Up Chair Takes IKEA to the Woods

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My brain sees designer Uros Vitas sitting in his Miesrolo Chair and can't conceive how it supports his weight. But maybe that's why I'm not Uros Vitas.


The Miesrolo Chair is constructed from a wood base and a synthetic elastomer frame, configured in such a way that it can both support the weight of an adult and roll up into storage. I don't believe the chair can be purchased at the moment, but is rather intended to be a "look how awesome I am don't you wish they sold these at Target or something" kind of items.

Vitas' chair has actually been in various stages of refinement since he introduced it in 2007. His new version is less hippie, succumbing to synthetic frame materials rather than utilizing hemp. [coroflot via PSFK]


I wonder if this would help this keep the blocks together: thread some strings through all the blocks and have you tie them together on one end.

One thing is for sure: don't let your kids (or slouchy / drunk friends) anywhere near this.