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All Electric Hustler Zeon is Coming to Eat All Your Grass

Illustration for article titled All Electric Hustler Zeon is Coming to Eat All Your Grass

The Hustler Zeon is the world's first all-electric, zero-turn riding mower. With the "Hustler" logo on the back, everyone will think you're eco-friendly and pretty badass.


That's "Hustler" as in "Hustler Turf," not "Hustler Magazine Where You Can See Bewbs" (sorry guys). However, not only is the Zeon emissionless, it also runs silent so your neighbors won't hate you for blowing out their eardrums. The Hustler Turf designers ditched the traditional steering wheel in favor of two handles that enable a true zero-degree turning radius.

The Zeon is good for 80 minutes of mowing time on a charge and has a 42-inch side discharge deck for maximum grass chopping. No word on pricing yet. [Hustler via Uncrate]

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80 minutes on a charge means this has to be targeted at homeowners, not professionals. Come back when you can get 8 hours on a charge and we'll talk.