From the Archives: Our Cut-the-Crap Earphone Battlemodo

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You probably know that your stock earbuds are doing a disservice to you and your music, but choosing an in-ear headphone upgrade from the indistinguishable masses can seem impossible. So we did it for you.

We're resurrecting this piece in honor of Listening Test, and although we did our testing in November of last year (and a lot has happened since then), the results have held up well. That is, except for one huge exception: The SE115, heir to the legacy of the SE110, has acceded the throne, replacing the SE110 as prince of the sub-$150 earphones and overall king, and inviting a lazy, inconsistent royalty metaphor from one Gizmodo writer.


Listening Test: It's music tech week at Gizmodo.

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Broken Machine

I bought 2 sets of earbuds from your tests and was pleased, but wound up finding both inadequate for some uses....mainly use under a motorcycle helmet. Also found my left ear canal is shaped differently than my right, and use of the Etymotic ER6's and the Shures resulted in a difference because of the lack of a good seal.

I wound up getting fitted for these: []

Very pleased, but pricey if you don't need custom. Much better than the custom sleeves for the Shures.