Details Leaked On Palm Pre: MMS, Office 2007

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It's not earth shattering info or anything, but the anonymous person behind InsideSprintnow claiming to be a Sprint customer care employee has divulged a few more tidbits about the Pam Pre.


Here are the highlights:

•No video recording at launch, though they seem to think such a thing will be added via update. (We knew this already)
•MMS support is confirmed
•They imply that Office 2007 documents work fine on Pre, though they don't specify if it's read-only
•Custom ringtones are a go, as are ringback tones
•When in USB mode, all calls will be automatically routed to voicemail.
•IM Services: Google Talk and AIM at launch.
•The color for calendar events can be chosen manually on the Pre, or sync'ed with the colors you've got set up in Exchange
•Cookies can be disabled in the browser
•No pictbridge profile yet, so no wireless photo printing.

Again, none of this information is confirmed. Although that bit about automatic redirect to voicemail when in USB mode seems absurd to me. [insidesprintnow via MobileCrunch]


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