Our Favorite Lifehacker Posts of the Week

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This week Lifehacker shows you how to shoot better photos, how to hang your Mac upside-down, how to close apps in Windows 7 fast and how to blow your nose to great effect.


Take better photos by shooting your digital stills as if it's a video camera
Use Middle Click to close your apps in the Windows 7 taskbar
What the new credit card rules mean for you

Get an energy boost by blowing your nose, changing your socks and hitting up the water cooler
How to move your iTunes library onto an external hard drive. Smart tip, but if you have it, I'd recommend putting it on a network hard drive. You can easily stream your music from there onto any machine in your house, but the downside is you can't take it with you on the go.
Make one bonus card to consolidate all bonus cards

Here are the (cheap) Lifehacker readers' favorite value meals. Good tips here, since they're cheap, but they still have to eat.
Firefox 3.5 will see a new icon
Six great exercise planning and tracking tools. Tracking your exercise is one of the best ways to stick to it.


The upside down Mac



Shamoononon drives like a farmer

There are so many things about that image that invokes deep hate in me.

Is that a friggen kitchen? If not, where are your legs suppose to go with big wooden drawers in the way.

The big metal support hanging thing and the wires, much uglier than just putting up a stand.

A white monitor?

If this is not a kitchen and actually is somebody's desk, what's with those disgustingly uncute shiny post it like things on what appears to wanna be a posting board?

Why so many art supplies next to the computer?

The cambells noodle cans? Somebody went out of their way to clean them just to look sheek?

Is that mouse glistening?

Way too tidy to be an actual work station of anybody of much use.

I'm going to resort to the all so douche bag term... hmmm, I'm trying to think of the term...


Excuse me while I lock my notes in the huge, ugly ass metal filing cabinet in my cubical, turn off my 4 breath takingly drab, black, cable infested monitors, and remove my knees from under the desk that has abosultely no drawers under it (thank gawd, I am almost 6ft tall you know).