Whac-A-Kitty Is a Case of Cruel and Unusual Cuteness

In the war between Man and Machine, kittens are a toss up of allegiance.

On one hand, kittens are organic lifeforms, presumably loyal to other organic lifeforms. On the other, kittens grow into cats. And for thousands of years, cats have refused to follow the human code.


What I postulate is a future in which there is a sort of war trifecta. It will be Man vs. Machine vs. Kittens. And with the feline world showing up as an insane wild card, anything can happen...though in the immortal words of John Connor, the outcome is most likely that, "We are dead!! We are all dead!! Because of kittens!!!" [Cute Overload]

Machines Behaving Deadly: A week exploring the sometimes difficult relationship between man and technology.


my Gods... this is sooooo wrong.... now I gotta find a box to play this with my cats...

Anybody else get the pop-up from PETA on the video?