New HP Mini Netbooks Include Autosyncing and Supposed HD Video Playback

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HP revealed a couple of new 10.1" screened netbooks for its Mini line. They'll be offered in both Windows and Linux versions, and one model, the 110, even has an optional graphics accelerator which HP claims can produce seamless 1080p playback.


If these new netbooks were sections of a mullet, the Mini 1101 would be the business up front. It's only available in Windows (XP or Vista), and only in boring professional black. The Mini 110, on the other hand, is the party in back: It offers Windows XP or Linux and has an optional Broadcom Video Accelerator for some maybe-HD-maybe-not video playback. But otherwise, they're pretty standard HP Minis: Both use the 1.6GHz Intel Atom processor, 1 or 2GB of memory, and either a 160/250GB hard drive (250GB only with Linux) or a 32GB SSD. Both include autosyncing software, so you can sync all your documents, media, and files easily with your main computer.

The Mini 1101 (business in front) will be released June 1st, starting at $329, while the Mini 110 (party in back) hits June 10th, starting at $279 for Linux and $329 for Windows. [HP Mini]


Creole Trash Panda

I have been jones-ing for a netbook since[Hurricane] Ike. This looks like it will drop just in time for my trip to Vegas (sister wedding). This will make a great plane ride movie watcher. XBMC or VLC and a 16gb stick full of iso rips of my collection and I am good to go.

BTW this is my first Vegas trip... anyone know anything about the Stratosphere.... thats where I booked