Microsoft Rolls Out Bing Mobile Site, First TV Ad

Bing's launch has officially reached stage two: Microsoft has rolled out a mobile version of the site, and debuted the search engine's first TV ad. How are they?

The ad: Crammed full of memes and hard on the eyes, it's a little obnoxious! That's sort of the point, though, and it does a good job of summing of what's useful in Bing—its Decision Engine—for people who haven't really been following the story.

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So, Mobile Bing! It's a typically stripped-down mobile search site, and behaves much like Google's basic mobile site. Sadly, some of Bing's most touted features are seemingly absent. Techcrunch notes that most curated results, like health and travel info, don't work, except for shopping recommendations, which can be a little over-aggressive. That said, in my short testing I found local searches, like weather and films, to be pretty good—even from the UK. [Neowin, BGR]


I don't recall ever seeing google and yahoo making a tv ad for their search tool. This is a first.