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"According to Our Surveys, Many Teenage Students Have Become Familiar With Internet Pornography"

Illustration for article titled According to Our Surveys, Many Teenage Students Have Become Familiar With Internet Pornography

Who wasted money on this survey, and to what nefarious purpose will it be used? Find out after the jump.


If you guessed "crazy Chinese software engineer who wants to censor all Chinese computers," you're right and remarkably prescient! The Chinese government hired Jinhui Computer System Engineering Co., the CEO of which uttered the quote above, to develop software that blocks pornography and various other things they find dangerous. But China wants this software to be packaged with every computer sold in the country, which makes me feel a little guilty for attacking comparatively benign DRMed music files for all those years.

The software will block pornography but will also have the ability to block anything else the Chinese government wants, which will probably include any pro-Tibet independence sites, any anti-Communist Party sites, and almost certainly Gizmodo. Zhang, said CEO of Jinhui, said the software will allow the user to uninstall it or modify it, though who knows how easy that'll be. But regardless, all primary and secondary schools have been forced to keep this software on their computers, starting at the end of last month. Way to be lame, China. [AP]


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I am glad I live someplace that doesnt block Gizmodo. I really dont care about the porn, just dont take my gadgets.