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Penn Swallows Fire in Super-Slow-Mo on Discovery Channel's Time Warp

Illustration for article titled Penn Swallows Fire in Super-Slow-Mo on Discovery Channels iTime Warp/i

Here's a peek at this week's episode of Time Warp, where hosts Jeff and Matt join up with magicians Penn and Teller in Las Vegas and get a behind the scenes tour of Cirque de Soleil's O.


Also in this episode, you'll get a look at the technology being used on the show, including an explanation of how their high speed cameras work.

Time Warp—a show that uses high-speed cameras to capture every-day actions in slow motion—airs every Wednesday at 8PM on the Discovery Channel. [Time Warp]

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(blue) enchanted duck

time warp is all the cool things about mythbusters without all the build up. Although i like adam and jamie more then the time warp hosts, you dont have to sit through 30 minutes of back story to see the explosion in slo-mo