The World's Second Greatest Gameboy iPhone Case

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We've already seen the world's greatest Gameboy iPhone case. So what's done is done. But given that the world's greatest iPhone case is hidden somewhere in the depths of Akihabara, this runner up from Etsy might make a solid alternative.


Machine sewn from various colors of felt (yet lined in simple black), this $15 Gameboy iPhone case was just listed back on July 2nd but is already "sold out."


Still, the site is probably worth a bookmark if you're interested. As soon as Etsy user toastkawaii's hands stop bleeding from high demand, we're (not) sure she'll restock. [Etsy via iPhone Savior via MAKE]

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Not to put down toastkawaii's work, but I doubt her hands are bleeding that much, unless she cut them w/a pair of scissors. The stitching leaves a little something to be desired, especially in where the buttons are attached. Still, very cool looking.