Pegasus Open 50 Log: Rainbows...and We've Lost Power


July 11, 9:20 PM PST Lost all ways to recharge batteries, down to emergency battery. Just like an airplane.

July 11, 9:42 PM PST

July 11, 10:15 PM PST

Just enough power to send emails. We have not regained anything yet. Lost some more. Dark and squalls with no electrical - Bad. Safe but bad.

July 11, 10:28 PM PST
All down - Down to flashlighs, mechanical compass and add-on batteries for iPhone GPS [They've got MotionX GPS apps] and hand held iridium. Trying to fix.


July 11, 11:10 PM PST
MotionX-GPS Waypoint: Night falling, batteries not charging

[An entry logged from MotionX-GPS app on the iPhone, which sends out emails (the device is connected using the remaining power on the boat, Wi-Fi and an iridium backup sat phone.)- BL]


Philippe uses MotionX-GPS on the iPhone 3G and is sharing with you the following waypoint:

Pitch black night, pure feel sailing in 20+ knots. Crusty working fixing batteries now.

Name: Night falling, batteries not charging

Date: Jul 11, 2009 11:10 pm


Latitude: 23º 16' 58" N

Longitude: 151º 48' 20" W

Altitude: 0 ft

Click on this link to display the waypoint in Google Maps. This link will be valid until Aug 10, 2009 11:25 PM PDT.


If you are viewing this message on your iPhone or iPod touch, use this link to view the waypoint in the Maps application.

[So they're looking at finishing the race and getting through the nights with no gps and no autopilot. Just celestial navigation using the sextant (which the navy no longer even teaches sailors in annapolis). Philippe is a bit of a math genius, so using a flashlight and the sextant and some paper, he can get it done. And they've got spare charge packs for the iPhone (and its GPS) and the flashlights. But that's about it.-BL]
From earlier in the day, at 5pm PST, a post about navigating with and without electronics:


Philippe Kahn founded Borland, invented the Camphone, and decodes human motion. He's also a fellow outdoorsman, splitting time skiing Tahoe and sailing in Santa Cruz. He'll share his Transpac 2009 sailing race with us live from the Pegasus Open 50. He and Richard Clarke set the race record for a double handed team in 2008 with a time of 7 days, 15 hours, 17 minutes and 50 seconds, besting all boats in overall time for that year.
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I bet sunrise is going to look pretty good to these guys after whats bound to be a long dark night.