Congress: Stop Wasting Time Trying for a Verizon iPhone and Actually Help Us Out

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The New York Times' David Pogue has a great story condemning Congress for trying to outlaw exclusivity contracts instead of implementing changes in the cellphone industry that would actually benefit consumers. Down with those outlandish, unfair fees!


Pogue's mainly concerned with the silly fees levied on consumers for certain actions despite said actions not costing carriers hardly any money at all (text messaging, we're looking at you). One that we didn't even realize is the sneaky tactic of keeping users on the line for extra time to hear inane instructions like "When you're done recording your message, you may hang up." If you're out of minutes, your carrier is actually going to charge you to listen to those! That's worthy of a good fist-shake, or better yet, some Congressional intervention. [New York Times]


I'm sorry but since when does the American economic system start to mimic Socialism? Consumers are retarded, companies produce certain products (iphone, Iexplorer for example) and you guys want the government to actually limit the way a company provides its own products?! Are you frigging serious?

The whole Microsoft issue with bundling IE with Windows is the most ridiculous thing I've ever encountered... They make the OS, they have a damn right to use their own browser. Apple made a product, they want it to run on AT&T, fuckin deal with it for now. They let the others bid on it before it became an issue, AT&T won the bid.

If Apple had first rolled out the iphone on a pirvate network on a university campus, would it have become an issue? Government has no right to meddle with the affairs of private business in such a way as to undermine the business model of said business.

You guys sign a contract before buying the product. The rules and terms are laid out on paper. No one forced you to buy it. No one has a right to force a company to sell a product in any other way that they do not see fit themselves. How retarded, exclusivity gives a company an edge over its competitors, it also creates competition so fierce that other companies need to roll out something even better than the other company. Why change the system now?