Gadget Deals Of The Day

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There are great deals on laptops today—check out the Dell Mini 9, or the 13" MacBook Pro with a free iPod Touch. A big thank you to Chris who put together the entire deals list today.


Computing and Peripherals:
14" HP Compaq 2.0GHz Core2Duo Laptop for $480 (normally $1,197).
13" MacBook Pro 2.26GHz Core2Duo with Free 8GB iPod Touch for $1,199 plus free shipping (normally $1378).
Dell Mini 9 1.6GHz Atom (Hackintosh Ready) for $199 (normally $240).
18.4" Averatec All-In-One PC 1.6GHz Atom for $399 (normally $545).
25" Samsung SyncMaster 1080p LCD Monitor for $299 plus free shipping (normally $342).
24.6" Samsung 1080p LCD Monitor for $299 (normally $349).
Dell V305w Wireless All-In-One Printer for $69 (normally $129).
Logitech diNovo Keyboard for $59.99 (normally $134).
1TB Seagate Hard Drive for $79.50 (normally $89.99 - use coupon code AWESOME10).
500GB Seagate FreeAgent Go Hard Drive for $100.79 (normally $117 - use coupon code FR1NXFVM$J9D3B, valid today only).
Panda Internet Security Bundle for $0 (normally $30 - use this form).

House of the Dead: Overkill (Wii) for $19.99 (normally $27.99 - valid today only).
Killzone 2 (PS3) Map Pack Bundle Deal, 3 Maps for $11.99 (normally $11.99 for 2 maps).
Conan (360) for $9.99 (normally $19.99).
Dissidia Final Fantasy (PSP) for $31.99 (normally $36.99 - use coupon code SAVE5DIS).
Resident Evil 5 (PS3/360) for $49.99 (normally $53.99).
Aion (PC) Pre-Order for $39.90 (normally $47).
DualShock 3 Controller (PS3) for $39.99 (normally $42.99).
The Price is Right (iPhone/iPod Touch) for $0.99 (normally $4.99).
Devil May Cry 4 (360) for $16 (normally $23).
Tenchu: Shadow Assasins (Wii) for $14.99 (normally $19.99).
Logitech PS3 Cordless Media Board for $55.99 (normally $65.99).

Home Entertainment:
42" Philips 1080p 120Hz LCD TV for $749.00 plus free shipping (normally $954 - use coupon code MM0LT?$N9X3N3P).
37" Panasonic 1080p LCD TV $649.00 plus free shipping (normally $726).
32" Sony Bravia 720p LCD HDTV for $439 plus free shipping (normally $549).
Klipsch Quintent III Surround Sound System for $296.98 (normally $398).
25% off at on DVDs or Blu-ray Discs (use coupon code CJ25 or DD22863).
Unforgiven (Blu-ray) for $9.49 (normally $12.99).

Personal Portables and Peripherals:
Samsung SL30 10MP Digital Camera for $76.99 plus free shipping (normally $97 - use coupon code AWESOME10).
Sennheiser HD-218 Headphones for $38 (normally $60).
Plantronics .Audio In-Ear Headphones for $14.99 (normally $31).
Magellan Maestro 4250 GPS for $150 (normally $199).
Panasonic 4-Handset Cordless Digital Phone for $59.99 (normally $79.99 - use coupon code 54835).


Blockbuster Express Kiosk Rental for $0 (use coupon code CKVPX9A7).
UniBlue Disc Rescue 2009 Software Key for $0 (use this form).
Subscription to Surfing Magazine for $0 (use this form).
Soduku 1000,000,000 Game (iPhone/iPod Touch) for $0.
Selection of TV Show Episodes on iTunes for $0.
Purplish Rain Prince Tribute Album for $0 (use this form, answer to question is keyboardist).
"Follow Me" by Brooke White MP3 for $0.


If a deal looks too good to be true, investigate the store and see if it's a good, reputable place to buy. Safe shopping!

[Thanks TechDealDigger, Fat Wallet, GamerHotline, Cheap College Gamers, CheapStingyBargains and TechBargains.]



Arggh! there goes a...snake a snake!

I love how you added 'Hackintosh ready' in the description for the Dell Mini 9 haha. On a side note: As previously stated in the Mini 9 hackintosh post though, you will need to upgrade your HD to install OSX.