Hunt and Peck Keyboard Thinks It's Helping, But It Really Isn't

Illustration for article titled Hunt and Peck Keyboard Thinks Its Helping, But It Really Isnt

Say, for some reason, you've never encountered the QWERTY keyboard layout we've used in the US and UK for nearly 150 years. This Hunt and Peck keyboard think it's helping by reorganizing the keys alphabetically, but trust us, it's not.

The Hunt and Peck keyboard features a one-button switch between alphabetical and QWERTY, and helpfully lists both letters on each key so you can get even more confused than you undoubtedly are already. It also maps certain irritating acronyms to the function keys, so even though you've never seen a keyboard before, you can type LOL and ROFL with ease, and more confusion. It costs $30, if you're looking for a keyboard for one of those feral children raised by wolves or, more probably, you want to play a prank on somebody by switching all their keys around. [Oh Gizmo!]

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I think the double letters confuse me more that the layout. Also, the only thing that makes the QWERTY better is because were used to it. If someone learned on this one I bet they would be just as efficient.

Anyways, wasn't the QWERTY made so typewrites would jam less by making us type slower, or something like that?